In the October Foundation meeting, your board voted to continue supporting our District Signature Projects. Our work together will create lasting change in the lives of the children in our district.

One of my goals as president will be to improve the communication between the Foundation and district clubs. We learned valuable information from our recent member survey. It was no surprise to hear that Kiwanians take pride in their impact in their communities. However, we also learned that only 64% of those who responded were aware of the Foundation goals, vision and accomplishments. It is imperative that we increase member involvement by more effectively communicating with you. In the coming months we will be asking your guidance on how to improve this gap. For starters, please consider inviting the Foundation to do a presentation at your club meeting.  Every Kiwanian is a Foundation member, so your input is critical to our success.
Financially, the Kiwanis District Foundation depends on your donations. Each and every contribution matters. Our web site is a great resource to learn about fun and unique ways you can offer your support.  One example is becoming a member of our Foundations Legacy Giving Program. Legacy Giving provides you the opportunity to contribute after you are gone. Legacy gifts provide attractive financial and tax benefits and offer a significant gift to your Foundation. Giving is selfless; it is touching, and it brings us one step closer to the world we want to live in.  ​

Yours in Service,
Bob O'Connor
Foundation President 2017-2018
Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Foundation

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We are the fundraising arm of the Rocky Mountain District.  We provide funds to Rocky Mountain District Clubs through foundation grants 

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Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Foundation

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A Message from the foundation PRESIDENT

​​​​I am deeply honored to serve as your foundation president this year. Working with a talented and committed board and serving our Kiwanis membership is a rewarding and humbling experience for me. The Kiwanis District Foundation funds our District Signature projects and enhances the impact individual clubs have on their communities. I am excited and challenged to be part of this experience.

 In the last three years the Foundation has provided grants to 22 clubs across our district, as well as funding Key Club and CKI Scholarships, and Key Leader. We have completed our three-year funding commitment to our District Signature Projects of the Ronald McDonald Houses, Denver & Southern Colorado and the Rose Hill House of Grand Junction.

Foundation members 

Every Kiwanian in the Rocky Mountain District is a member of the Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Foundation