Existing Lusche Fellows: You can purchase the new dress shirt for $36.00 plus S&H ($5-$7).  

Email: kiwanisrmdf@gmail.com


Clubs can receive a Banner Patch based on the level of giving to the foundation each year:

Advisory Cabinet $30,000+

Advisory Council $20,000+

Leadership Council $10,000+

President's Council $7,500-$9,999

​Founder's Council $5,000-$7,499

​Distinguished Club $2,500-$4,999

​Century Club $1,000-$2,499

​Patron Club $750-$999

​Sustaining Club $500-$749

​Associate Club $250-$499


recognition Levels


​What is your legacy as a Kiwanian?  Planned gifts benefit the Kiwanis Foundation in the future.

Individuals who commit to include the RMDK Foundation in their estate distribution are recognized as members of the Rocky Mountain Legacy.

Examples of a Legacy contribution include:

* A bequest in your will or trust,

* Designating the Foundation as beneficiary of an IRA, a 401(k)plan, or an insurance or annuity policy,

* Written instructions to your family to make a specific contribution from your estate.



In 2002 the RMDK Foundation created the district foundation honor club banner recognition program. The banner recognizes clubs that excel in supporting the District Foundation. Clubs meeting the specific criteria for eligibility are presented with the prestigious HONOR CLUB BANNER. This banner includes name patches of all Lusche Fellows and Grand Teton Helping Hand Award recipients in the club. 

​A Club with 31 or more members must have at least 1/3 of its members in the Lusche Fellowship and/or are recipients of the Grand Teton Helping Hand Award. A club with 30 or fewer members must have a minimum of 10 members who are members of the Lusche Fellowship and/or are recipients of the Grand Teton Helping Hand Award.

​The Noris A. Lusche Fellowship was established in 1992 to pay tribute to the leadership and service of Past International President, Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Governor and member, Noris Lusche. Kiwanians or others may be distinguished Lusche Fellows or honor other deserving individuals with a contribution of $1,000. This contribution may be an outright gift or paid over three years. There are currently over 700 members in the Lusche Fellowship.

The award includes an engraved wooden plaque of Noris Lusche with the individual's name and date of recognition; a Kiwanis pin back and a Lusche Dress Shirt.

​Members in the Lusche Fellowship can be recognized for additional financial support for the Foundation as follows:

Life-Lusche Fellow....$ 1,000
Humanitarian............$ 5,000

Honoring a member of your club with a Lusche Fellow is an excellent way for a club to support the Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Foundation.